Monday, June 10, 2013

My Annual Spring Treat:  Sunset Magazine's Celebration Weekend

Once again, my dear Aunt Mona came through and, for a belated birthday gift, took me to Sunset Magazine's Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park.  It was a scorcher of a day, Saturday, June 1st, but a day of enjoyment, learning and being star-struck.  Here are a few highlights, although, most sadly, I could not get close enough to get some good photos of some of my favorite celeb chefs, Susan Feniger (wonderful cooking demo, however) and Jamie Purviance, although I did run into him while bystanding at a garden booth.  I was able to watch his bbq demo from a distance, and it was great, and smelled even better!  I missed, altogether, three of my favorites, Chef Ryan Scott, Yugit Pura, the renowned San Francisco pastry chef and Safeway's Chef Jeffrey Anderson. In addition, I also missed Chef Ludo, whose appearance was on Sunday.  Sigh. Despite that, I have no complaints; Sunset had something for everyone each day. 

I DID, however, much to my Aunt's happiness, and my own, see Chef Fabio Viviani's hilarious cooking demo and Sunset's Food Editor. The man puts on a knowledgeable almost stand-up comic cooking demo. 

Chef Fabio warming up the already sunburned audience. 

He taught us how to make fresh pasta and fake-out Italian meatballs (using sausages) and tomato and basil sauce also known as:  "Chef Fabio's Lazy Meatballs".


Near Safeway's outdoor kitchen was this beautiful succulents outdoor dining table setting.  Very nice!  



At a nearby  booth, where boxes are constructed and hung on walls planted with beautiful varieties of succulents, one whole wall appeared as Winnie the Pooh, all in succulents.  It was so popular, sadly, I could not get a good enough angle (too many people at any given time) to snap a good photo.  Sorry, folks. I was, however, able to snap this of a heart-shaped box.  Enjoy this.  Share it with your loved one. 

With this, gentle readers, have a great day, and get out there and cook and plant!!!