Thursday, August 15, 2013

Varsity Blues
My youngest son is heading off to college this weekend, and I am having what I am calling the "varsity blues".  Just sounds fitting, although he is not quite an athlete. In any event, I have decided to dedicate the next series of blogs to college-bound students and their tummies.  I will be preparing meals that college students will have time for, will devour ravenously as only they can, and love the easily obtainable flavors without the worry of cost to mom and dad! I know that college students are always on the go and often skimp out on the food scene, but the recipes I have in the works can be easily thrown together and parents will appreciate the nutritional values!  And mom and dad, YOU can probably help by prepping some parts of the meals ahead of time, freeze them, and send them with your bundles of college-aged joy upon their next visit!  I am talking vegetable pasta sauces, simple and easy chili for chili dogs and those cold winter nights, sweet potato fries (to be baked, not fried) and more.  Stay tuned!  
Thank you!