Fried Egg and Bacon Bistro Sammy

So it is Sunday morning, or a vacation morning, you are still a little sleepy, and you are seriously hungry, but you do not have a ton of energy or time to expend on breakfast, or, as I call this sammy, a "brunchwich".  I have Just the sammy for you! 

This sammy takes less than thirty minutes, and before long, you will be having a party in your belly.   Here's what you do....

Fry up three slices of thick smoked bacon, or six, if you are feeding two.  Oh heck, eight!  Two more to snack on for the cook! If you really want to add flavor, sprinkle the bacon with powdered garlic, paprika or chili powder, and crush up dried oregano and sprinkle it over the bacon.  This is one of my secrets to adding flavor to many burgers and pastas, and now, sammies.  Meanwhile, wash and dry your favorite greens, such as baby spinach, baby arugula or even baby kale.  Hey, this has to have some health benefits!  Toast a roll or your favorite bread (I had Asiago Buns left over).  Add your favorite condiments, or not.  Remove the bacon, drain most of the rendered bacon fat, keeping enough for the eggs.  Fry on or two eggs per sammy, and however you like them.  My mom likes her eggs for sammies over easy, but I like mine over hard. Assemble your sammy however you wish.  I placed the arugula on the bottom, the egg atop that, bacon atop the egg, sprinkled with finely shredded mozzarella cheese.  I added a mixture of stone ground mustard and mayo to the top of my sammy bun.  So good!  Make this your own.  It took me no more than twenty minutes to make, and only moments to devour.  Enjoy!

Do you see the vulture in this picture?
My little dog GusGus is "vulturing".  

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