A Message For My Friends and All of My Readers

I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your support over the last two years.  This learning adventure has been quite amazing, and your support especially endearing.  I look forward to new adventures in the kitchen with you all.  With that, Happy Holidays and respect for you and your support.  Thank You, once again.   ~  Martin

After much had work since Monday creating and making personalized gifts - calendars and candles - for my family  members, I decided to gift myself late last night (too late, I know; bad, very bad!) with an extreme burger.  I created a burger meat mixture of spices and tikka masala, tamarind paste and Ponzu.  I added garlic and stone ground spicy mustard, as well.  The flavor was extreme but amazing.  I KNEW it would be fantastic as a glaze on a burger.  So, I went with that.  I also knew bacon had to be part of it, as well as making it a Bistro Burger, so a fried egg was an added must.  The above photo is what it all looked like after a sprinkling of a pre-grated Mexican cheese blend.  Soooo powerfully but not overwhelmingly flavorful.  I would say, create your favorite burger and put the glaze on your burgers as you fry or grill them.  The glaze seals in juices and flavors from the meat and adds an awesome and flavorful crust.  If you like extreme flavors, this one is for you!!!  

Sauteing the burgers at medium heat with the glaze on both sides. It is DeLish!!!

Once again, folks, Thank You so much for your readership and viewership!  Much respect and appreciation for you!!!

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