Jeanine's Chicken Saute'  

My former roommate and good friend, Jeanine, is an amazing cook.  She makes the most amazing pies Ever, and I love to eat them.  She is also a talented cook with generations of family recipes and teachings in her arsenal of dishes.  I appreciate that she honors her family and ancestors.  She is certainly not afraid to take on or invent something new that comes to mind. This, I think, is one of those "this just sounds really good" dishes and she made it with amazing ease and with incredible flavors. ***I must make a correction.  Glad I thought to ask (again).  She had watched one of her friends, co-owners of a local fantastic restaurant, make this dish, and she recreated it with her own style.   I am giving you the recipe as she gave it to me (she is amazing on technology, and I am not about to try to change it up).  This is just one of those "must do" recipes this winter.  Go for it.......

Chicken sauté 

Chicken (choose your favorite)
Thighs, drumstick, half breast
1. Clean chicken, salt and pepper
Set chicken aside
2. Prep garlic (5 large cloves)
3. In large sauté pan,
Olive oil
Garlic (p
Fresh rosemary
4. place chicken in sauté pan when pan is at medium heat.
And brown chicken (fat side first)then braise
Half way, pour in 1/2 cup to 1 cup or even two cups of white wine
Boil off alcohol until half the liquid left. Cook 30-40 minutes
5. While chicken is cooking, get water ready for noodles (egg noodles)
6. Use Wondra by gold medal
For thickening
7. When chicken looks golden brown
Add mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms.
8. Last 5 min. Cook noodle,
Butter noodles after straining
9. Take chicken out. Leave chicken juice to make gravy
10. Pour gravy over chicken

                             I cannot wait to make this dish, myself!

Recipe (per viewing a friend who had made this dish for her) and Photos by:  Jeanine Mastel, 2013



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