Hi Friends!  I just wanted to take a moment to tell you a couple of things.  Foremost, I have been amazed at how awesome the social media world is and how supportive and generous so many talented and incredible people have been for my blog and myself.  I just want to say THANK YOU to those who persevere through my attempts at humor, my ramblings about so many things and yet who enjoy my food and let me know about it via social media.  I am totally Grateful!!!  That brings me to another item for discussion.  

It has been brought to my attention that you good folks cannot leave comments at the end of my posts.  I know some people have been able to pretty regularly, but I also know that many of them are already on Google, which may make a difference?  I do not know.  I have gone in to the system for a second and third time to enable comments, and as far as my untrained eyes can see, the comments sections SHOULD be enabled.  I hope it works for sure now for Everyone!   

In addition, I tried to go in to leave messages for my incredibly awesome loyal followers, and this is the funny part, even though this is my blog, I had to log in and follow my own self, and STILL could not leave a message for my AMAZING followers!  I will work on that IMMEDIATELY!!!  Miss R, you up for that challenge????  I was so excited this evening to log on to see another follower!  A die-hard eighth follower!!!  Uhhh, it was me.  Imagine my red cheeks and burning ears.  Oh, the embarrassment!  But, life goes on.  

Most importantly, I am excited because I am looking forward to blogging a new lamb recipe, calzones and more!  Please stay tuned, and again THANK YOU to all of my followers and Google friends and all of those awesome folks who engage me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more recently, Pinterest.  Again, THANK YOU!!!  Have a great night!!!

Your In-House Cook

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