Monday, February 15, 2016

Guest Blogger Today!
Anthony Ross

Neufchatel Bacon Cheeseburger and Fries 

Hello Friends!  I would like to introduce to you my buddy, Anthony Ross, who is an INCREDIBLE cook, amazing talent and full of creativity in the kitchen.  He is also a good person who helps his community in many ways;  in short, Anthony is a real giver to his community and the country, and today, he is a real giver to us.  In this recipe, Anthony will introduce us to his newest burger.  I gave it the name, and I hope he is okay with it. The flavors sound out of this world and the fries?  Well, read for your yourself!  Amazing. 

Take it away, Anthony! 

Good Evening from Burger Town !

It truly smells like a burger joint in my house right now, and …. I think I will leave it that way for a while.
So this morning for breakfast I fried up a few strips of thick cut, double smoked bacon. The pieces were on the fatty side, and as you can imagine, there was quite the pool of bacon grease left over in the pan, and that’s when it hit me…. It is burger night.
I picked up a pound of ground chuck from the grocery store, along with some smoked Gouda, a fresh jalapeno, some local lettuce, a couple hard rolls, and some Neufchatel cream cheese.
While the sweet potato fries were in the oven soaking up some rays I went ahead and seasoned the beef. Starting off with some salt and pepper to your discretion… then a few dashes of cumin, and paprika. Knead it, roll it and pat it, but stay gentle and leave the patties room to breathe, don’t punish them… because, well … they will be your friend a little later.
Once the patties are formed and the bacon grease is poppin …. Gently place a patty in the smoky goodness and get to prepping. Slice your jalapeno nice and thin cross cut at an angle, not just straight up and down. Grab some lettuce and give it a rinse, trimming off the stems to your liking. Now, go ahead and flip that patty, carefully so you don’t make a splash and burn yourself with the hot grease. Once all has settled, place your jalapenos accordingly, then grab that smoked Gouda. I asked to have my Gouda sliced nickel thick, but, it really just depends on how cheesy of a person you are. Go ahead and lay two slices over the jalapenos, stagger them to achieve maximum meltage space, and then slide the pan into the oven to finish.
You will have a minute or two, so go ahead and slather some of the Neufchatel on one of the buns, and lay your lettuce over the soft pillow of cool cream cheese. By now your Gouda has spread its love all over the patty and is ready to come out of the oven. Carefully transplant your patty to the prepared bun, grab your other bun, assemble…. And take your taste buds for a ride.

Enjoy !

Anthony J. Ross

Friends, Thank You for your time and consideration. I KNOW you enjoyed this delectable recipe!  You can follow Anthony Ross on Twitter: 

As I mentioned above, he is an madly talented cook and a hero striving to end childhood hunger and  working toward saving wild places for future generations to come.