Chipotle Sausage and Seasoned Bacon Ends Pizza with Roasted Green Chiles

As a food recipe blogger, someone ever striving to learn all I can to improve, I realize that I cannot always post dishes that I hope are "amazing" and "fantastic".  Real people do real cooking, with minimal ingredients and minimal time and sometimes, with minimal energy.  This was one of those meals.  Someone commented today that it is "Blah"; no problem, as it IS NOT the greatest pizza Ever.  But if you are someone who needs to make a flavorful, filling meal for people quickly with what you have on hand without much advanced planning, this pizza may be just the thing for you.  

Most people have hot dogs, hamburger, sausages or favorite meats in the freezer for surprises or future use. I like to have sausages and meats, such as sopressata, coppa and Spanish Chorizo in my freezer to use for last-minute breakfasts or pizza or pasta, should I have the need to produce more filling meals for unexpected (but always happy) guests for a meal. I oftentimes try to have fresh greens, such as basil, cilantro and flat-leaf Italian parsley on hand when planning upcoming meals. 

Back to the pizza.  My pizza was made with the meats and cheeses I had on hand.  You can make pizza, a casserole, a calzone or pasta with the meats and fresh greens you have on hand. That is the point of this blog. You can make a delicious, savory, filling and flavorful meal with what you have on hand! Spices included!

At the beginning of the month, I had purchased two fresh pizza rounds and I froze them. After having had a very long, hectic day, yesterday, I decided I needed to make something swift, easy and yet filling and which could be used as leftovers for a day or two afterward. Success! 

This is what I did. 

I thawed out the fresh pizza dough (that was purchased fresh), along with Chipotle sausages. I decided to bake it in my cast iron skillet (even cooking), cleaned it, sprayed it with non-stick spray (just my preference) and, after kneading the dough and spreading it, I placed it into the skillet.  I drizzled and spread about a little extra virgin olive oil seasoned with garlic all about the dough and baked it at 405-degrees for five minutes.  

Afterward, I added a layer of cheese and diced, roasted green chiles and a little Tapatio sauce and dried oregano I'd crushed between my palms.  

Next, I added a layer of sliced Chipotle and bacon ends which I'd seasoned with smoked paprika and chipotle powder and had sauteed. I'd added another layer of cheese and roasted green chiles and my favorite Tapatio sauce. 

Pizza is oven ready!

Fresh out of the oven!  

Love by the slice!

Thank You, gentle readers, for your visit and your time! I hope you take my message with you:  You can make a hearty, savory meal for one or for several with items you just about always have on hand.  Thank You and enjoy!

Now, Go Cook For Someone You Love!!!!

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