Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Short and Sweet Post....
Steak with Garlic, Gorgonzola Butter, Spicy Baby Sprouts with Halved Grape Tomatoes with Vinaigrette and Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with a Surprise!

No need to stress, my friends, the title is far longer than the actual blog post.  Well, mostly. For the end of the school year, which is what I am calling the reason for this dinner, though there is a different story behind it, we must never speak of it, I decided to have a nice Rib Eye steak with special treatments. This is what I did....Join me, won't you?

I simply seasoned the steak with sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper 30 minutes prior to cooking, seasoning both sides, allowing the meat to come to room temperature.  A room temperature steak sears without seizing. This makes for a tender, juicy steak. 

Meanwhile, I allowed a stick of butter to come to beyond room temperature. Stay tuned! 

I simply tossed fingerling potatoes in extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and grated garlic (one clove) and roasted them in a small cast iron skillet (Thanks for the skillet, Miss Maria!) at 400-degrees for twenty minutes. Boom!

In the meantime, I made up a little vinaigrette of evoo, balsamic vinegar, thyme, salt and pepper and mirin. I created a little bed for the halved grape tomatoes out of spicy baby mixed sprouts. I drizzled the vinaigrette over the salad and let it alone. 

Finally, I heated up my full-sized cast iron skillet on high heat and added the steak to it when it was screaming hot. The sizzle was amazing and the aroma to-die-for, just with salt and pepper.  I seared the steak for four minutes per side, which was perfect for the carmelization to occur to develop its sugars and release easily.  Whew! I say that because I often play it safe and add a little oil to the skillet; not this time, though!  I added the skillet to the oven to finish to medium-rare at 350-degrees for eight minutes.  I removed the potatoes skillet when I added the steak. 

During the busyness above, I somehow managed to grate a clove a garlic into a ramekin with crumbled gorgonzola and added a half a stick of butter and mixed it all together and set it into the freezer to set. 

When I removed the steak skillet, I'd added the other half stick of butter, a crushed garlic clove and fresh thyme and braised the steak over medium heat.  The aroma was simply incredible.  This is the way to go, I assure you.  

Please enjoy the photo essay below, along with the surprise recipe afterward!

Ready for the Surprise???

I purchased a small sourdough round loaf and cut into cubes (still intact).  I made up a mixture of butter (also room temperature), mozzarella cheese and three cloves garlic, which I had roasted in the skillet with the fingerling potatoes. I stuffed the bread with the buttery, garlicky cheesy mixture, stuffing each cut and cube with the delightfully aromatic mixture.  I wrapped it in foil and baked it with the potatoes for twenty minutes. Just a delightful addition to the steak dinner!!!  Take a look!

I hope you enjoyed this fairly brief post.  Now, Go Cook For Someone You Love!!!  Now, shoo!  Go! 
There ya go!