Pita with Peanut Butter and Fresh Fruit 

It is incredibly nice when friends provide me with suggestions for dishes, for fun and for life. I have, admittedly, been wishy-washy about my health, until the last few months. For years, I put off my own health in the service of others.  But I have learned the hard way, I cannot care for my students or my mom as I do, without first being in good health, myself.  I changed my insurance company and I love that and my doctors and they take exceptionally great care of me.  But one of the things I need to change, for myself, is my own diet.  

Now, I am often asked:  "Do you eat like that Every day?"  Meaning, do I eat delectable, rich, indulgent, decadent foods every day?  OH heck no!  You have often heard me say "Everything in Moderation".  I struggle to follow that advice, sometimes, however. But I do not eat like my blog posts every day.  There is only me at home, so when I post food, 8 - 10 times, I am cooking for someone else and at their place (ergo the name, In-House Cook). This summer I have made friends with some amazing Twitter folk and we have, admittedly, been both good and bad influences on one another.  It is incredibly fun to chat with my friend, Lee Henry Styles, about food and moderation.  He has asked me the same questions I mentioned above and in my previous blog post.  The fact is, I do not eat terribly decadently but not terribly poorly, either.  Lee brought up the point, "But how do we (my readers) know that when I only post the usual decadent meals?" 

Talk about a "Boom!" Mic Drop Moment!!!

Both Lee and another one of our friends have prompted me to take things lighter, not only for myself but for you, my gentle readers.  So the next several blog posts will be about lighter fare, BLDs, Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners that I normally eat when I am working.  I already post dishes that I call "Pantry Meals" which I make with bare bones pantry items at the end of the month (paid once a month). 

To start my quest to show you how I normally eat, I have decided to start a daily food diary. When working, to be honest, I often eat the school lunch, but when at home, I want to eat well, with flavor and decadence, but without decadent calories and without ingredients leading to my health's degradation. My mom will be happy to read the following blog posts over the next couple of weeks because she always asks me about what I eat. 

If I am not eating with my youngest son, this dish is very normal for me.  I love fresh fruit, particularly berries.  My friends and family know that I love berry pies best.  I am not into the puddings and cream pies.  Something not many people know about me, I am a toast-a-holic.  I love toast and English muffins. Sourdough, French, Hawaiian sweet bread, Italian...I love toast. Hello....my name is Martin, and I am a toast-a-holic.  Now, I do not eat toast all day long, 24/7/365, but I do love it. Tortillas fall under this catergory, as well, particularly organic wheat tortillas. 

Today, I used a Pocketless Pita, also known as Flat Bread, and I spread a thin layer peanut butter over it, arranged strawberries and blueberries over it, and sprinkled Saigon cinnamon over it.  I have frozen berries in my freezer at all times, as I love to eat berries for dessert.  That does not mean it is always so healthy.  I love to soak berries in frozen, slushy Prosecco and eat it with a spoon.  No, I do not have that to show you today. 

But, to wrap up this first "Here's to Our Health" blog post, here is my Pita with Peanut Butter and Fresh Fruit lunch.  Half for lunch, half for dessert or breakfast. 

Enjoy the photo essay, my dear gentle readers, and as always, Thank You for your time and consideration!  

Now, go cook something healthy for someone you love!  

In-House Cook

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