Breakfast of Champions

Okay, I do not know about champions, but this breakfast is a champion, if I have ever eaten one. I fried up 8 slices of bacon to start with, saved the rendered bacon grease for another day, then added herb infused extra virgin olive oil leftover from pizza night the previous night and sauteed leftover red onion and red pepper slivers. I added a splash of white wine and balsamic vinegar.  I simmered low and slow for a good thirty minutes before serving it with micro greens and goat cheese.  

I have fallen in love with my parmesan crusted eggs and served them in this delicious breakfast sammy.  I simply add about 2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese to the skillet over medium heat, crack open my egg over it and immediately use a spatula to keep it from spreading far.  I try to get to the egg to surround the plate of cheese.  I add another generous amount of parmesan to the top of the egg and, when the egg is ready to release, I easily can flip it over low and close to the skillet.  Not an Olympic skill, but it is important to keep the cheese and the egg together.  I add the cheese to the top of the egg so it assimilates into the egg white, making it easier to keep the cheese and the egg together. 

To serve, I simply toasted the English muffins I'd separated, added grated fontina cheese to one of the halves, topped it with an egg, added bacon to the egg and gave the other muffin half a splash of stone ground mustard (I love it!) and topped the sammy.  I served the sauteed veg with micro greens and crumbled goat cheese with dots of sriracha for dipping.  

 But what if you want to serve a loved one a breakfast to remember?  Just to show your love and appreciation?  I have just the simple breakfast for you!

 Simply cut out a heart from the center of a piece of toast.  Just like you are going to make grilled cheese sandwiches, add a little butter to a skillet, add the bread and crack and egg into the heart shape.  Allow it to cook as the bread crusts.  Flip it carefully and allow the same process.  This takes about five minutes per piece of egg toast.  I serve with fresh fruit and fresh ground seasoned sausage (love fennel and sage sausage with red pepper flakes).  I garnish with fresh herbs (finely chopped basil is shown above).   

So many ways to show someone you love, a significant other, a child, a friend....just how much you appreciate their contribution to your life. 

Now, Thank You for your time and go cook something for someone you love!!! 

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