Sunday, December 23, 2012

 Wrapping Up 2012
Hello, Gentle Viewers of my humble blog.  I wanted to take a few moments to show you what I am up to Right Now, as well as to give all of you a HUGE Shout Out!
I have seasoned a pork shoulder/butt roast, it has been seared in evoo and is now taking a hot tub in a delicious Mexican beer, garlic, oregano and sitting atop a bed of orange slices and red onion slices.  Next, I am on to seasoning, searing and braising beef short ribs for tacos.  Please see my photo above.  
I really want to THANK ALL of the viewers since the last day of May who have graciously taken the time to view my humble blog.  I appreciate that people have been kind, that you have realized - as I state in my opening post - that this is a fun activity for me, a learning activity for me, that I am doing this for the love of cooking;  the good, the bad and the ugly.  I appreciate that my viewers realize that I am not a professional chef or cook, NOR a professional photographer;  I am just a guy who loves to cook for his family and friends.    And STILL, you all have been gracious and kind.  THANK YOU!  I very much appreciate all of you, and I wish for ALL OF YOU, A VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY TIME!!!!
 P.S.  Much more to come very soon!!!!  Please stay tuned!!!!